Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz is a medical intuitive, practicing medical intuition for nearly three decades.

Upcoming Events

October 14th and 15th, 2017

Private Readings

Dr. Mona Lisa does private Medical Intuitive Readings. Knowing only your name and age, over the phone, she will describe a specific emotional situation(s) that she sees aggravates your health.

Introducing Dr. Mona Lisa’s Pay-Per Medical-Intuit-View

Now is your chance to have access to a Mini Medical Intuition Interview with Dr. Mona Lisa about your health. Based on the seven-part, on-line, live-to-tape class series that is just finishing, you can access information about your health now. If you have a question about your health from head to toe, organ to organ, illness to illness, you can order a medical intuitive interview about your health problem. Just scroll down to the table below and purchase the class you are interested in and you will start to get solutions now. COST: $50 per class

Recent Testimonials

It is a delight to hear your practice and witness your razor like intuition in the field of medicine and human physiology. Your gift is a treasure. It has been 8 weeks or so since the reading and the family has benefited wonderfully.
Anonymous (January 29th, 2014)
By far and large the most amazing show you have is Dr Mona Lisa. She is both funny and smart all at the same time (the woman is a hilarious genius!!). What she shares is so informative it’s life changing. I ABSOLUTELY love her and what she does in this world (and yes that includes all the crazy cat drama in the back ground— adds to the theatre of it all). Have been listening to her for years, and hope to be doing so for many more years to come.
Leza Joe (Watson) (June 13th, 2014)
Dr. Mona Lisa has wow-ed me with her extraordinary skills and talent. In sharing her knowledge, she creates a beautiful bridge between right and left brained ways of knowing the world. Her fiery personality infuses her workshops with life and passion and ignites in me the will to face myself. I am in eternal gratitude to Mona Lisa for her courage and commitment to her higher purpose.
Jessica Gosney (January 27th, 2015)