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Recent Testimonials

It is a delight to hear your practice and witness your razor like intuition in the field of medicine and human physiology. Your gift is a treasure. It has been 8 weeks or so since the reading and the family has benefited wonderfully.

— Anonymous (January 29th, 2014)

By far and large the most amazing show you have is Dr Mona Lisa. She is both funny and smart all at the same time (the woman is a hilarious genius!!). What she shares is so informative it’s life changing. I ABSOLUTELY love her and what she does in this world (and yes that includes all the crazy cat drama in the back ground— adds to the theatre of it all). Have been listening to her for years, and hope to be doing so for many more years to come.

— Leza Joe (Watson) (June 13th, 2014)

About Dr. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Schulz (Dr.Mona Lisa), is a medical intuitive. Dr. Schulz received her doctorate in behavioral neuroscience from Boston University School of Medicine in 1993.

In addition to her extensive background in health and brain research, Dr. Schulz has been practicing medical intuition since 1987. During a medical intuitive consultation, knowing only someone’s name and age, Mona Lisa discerns both a person’s physical condition and the emotional state of his or her life, explaining how the two are linked.

Dr. Schulz teaches us how to become aware of how our symptoms of illness are part of our intuition network, letting us know when something in our lives is out of balance. During a medical intuitive consultation, there is no physician/patient relationship, nor is any psychotherapy being performed. Mona Lisa will educate you in how specific emotional situations in your life are associated with the increased risk of illness in a specific organ in your body.

One of the many joys in Dr. Mona Lisa’s life is teaching individuals how to acknowledge, trust, and develop their intuitive skills. There are a variety of ways you can connect with her.

Dr. Mona Lisa offers private phone readings. To request a reading, CLICK HERE

Dr. Mona Lisa's INTUITION ACADEMY teaches live intuition hands-on training workshops. Check out her Events page to find out when she will be in your town! Make sure to get connected via her Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest engagements on her event calendar!

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Dr. Mona Lisa frequently attends to her Facebook Fan Page to share thoughts, responses to posts and other general randomness with her visitors. This is also a one stop shop to be the first to find out about new events, books or workshops.

Dr. Mona Lisa tweets! Follow her to find out about upcoming Hayhouse radio shows, random thoughts and opinions, especially about Dancing with the Stars! Click the Tweetie or look for her under the username

Dr. Mona Lisa hosts "Intuitive Health" on where you can listen online and speak with her directly for a live, on-the-spot reading. Hear her describe specific physical and emotional problems in callers lives and at the same time, give no-nonsense, grounded, practical but funny, in your face solutions on how to fix the relationship/job/family or physical or emotional problem.

Wednesdays, 2 pm ET, 11am PT
(866) 254-1579 International (760) 918-4300 (after dialing the international code)

Dr. Mona Lisa is the author of several bestselling books, a Mind Body Makeover card deck as well as multiple recorded audio programs and dvds to help you learn and grow in a variety of ways. Take a minute to peruse her products and be sure to check in on Facebook or Twitter for updates about upcoming ones.