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Wednesdays, 2 pm ET, 11am PT

(866) 254-1579 International (760) 918-4300 (after dialing the international code)

Discover Intuitive Health with Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz! Your host, “Dr. Mona Lisa,” is a medical expert who’s an endearing mix of hard-nosed advice-giver, understanding mother, and intuitive psychiatrist. As a medical intuitive with 2 doctorate degrees, she’s got humor, solutions, and credentials all rolled into one. Hear her describe specific physical and emotional problems in callers lives and at the same time, give no-nonsense, grounded, practical but funny, in your face solutions on how to fix the relationship/job/family or physical or emotional problem.

Dr. Mona Lisa not only provides intuitive readings to callers, but she also helps people develop this special ability within themselves. If you have always known that you have the potential for this gift, or you’re simply curious about the connection between your mind and your health, this is a show you’ll absolutely love. Simply visit on Wednesdays at 2 pm ET and click on “Listen Now.”

Too shy to call in? Request a private reading at or by phone at (207) 846-6497.

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