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National TV

Discovery Channel

View Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz on the Discovery Channel, One Step Beyond demonstrating a Medical Intuitive reading.

CBS News - The Early Show

CBS News Video - Women's Evolving Brains

Audio Clips

Oprah Radio

Oprah Radio host Dr. Mehmet Oz talks with Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, a psychic doctor, about her book The Intuitive Advisor. Dr. Schultz also talks about the seven chakras, or energy centers of the body, and about how your body can tell you about problems with your health.


Each of the seven energy centers of the body depends on following a rule that involves balancing two seemingly opposite or contradictory qualities in our lives. Just as harmonized brain function depends on having both the left and the right hemispheres in sync, healing body and mind in each of these seven energy centers or chakras involves following a rule to balance dual identities and engage two paradoxical mind-sets simultaneously.

Monthly Telegathering with Cheryl Richardson

Listen to Cheryl and special guest, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, talk about her new book, “The Intuitive Advisor“.

Intuitive Listening: How Intuition Talks Through Your Body

Helping thousands of people achieve better health and more vibrant lives, Drs. Mona Lisa Schulz and Christiane Northrup have created Intuitive Listening to help you tune in even more deeply to the inner guidance available to you by understanding the language through which your body talks to you daily.

Dr. Mona Lisa on Coast to Coast Radio

Medical intuitive, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz talks about how out-of-balance emotions & stress can translate into illnesses in the body. We often ignore signals from our body until we have a major health problem that forces us to take stock of our situation. Dr. Mona Lisa works with clients over the phone and is able to connect their physical symptoms with emotional issues. She demonstrates this ability with a number of people who call into the show.

Dr. Mona Lisa on Just Energy Radio

Dr. Mona Lisa teaches us how to become aware of how our symptoms of illness are part of our intuition network, letting us know when something in our lives is out of balance. Dr. Mona Lisa educates you in how specific emotional situations in your life are associated with the increased risk of illness in a specific organ in your body.


MAY 5-6, 2012 — Intuition Academy - Modules 1&2, San Francisco, CA

JUN 30 - July 1, 2012 — Bringing Down the Light, New York, NY

JUL 9-13, 2012 — Intuition Academy - Modules 1,2,3,&4 - Freeport, ME

AUG 2, 2012 — Medical Intuition with Lizete Paiva's Feng Shui Studio, Fall River, MA

AUG 10-12, 2012 — Omega - All is Well, Rhinebeck, NY

SEP 9, 2012 — Hayhouse I Can Do It, Washington, DC - All is Well: Heal your Life with Medical
Intuition & Affirmations

NOV 2-4, 2012 — Kripalu: The Intuitive Brain - Accessing your Mystical Map for Intelligent
Transformation Healing